If you are thinking about coming to a workshop, don’t be afraid because Betsy will help you!
— Haylee, 2nd grader, Neenah WI
I liked everything! What I would change is more time! I will be using it (my vision board) a lot!
— Jamie Conley
It helped me a lot and I made new friends! I liked how we all connected really well. It’s fun and you learn new stuff from it.
— Myla Baenen
I’m so glad we have connected with you to give Owen this learning experience. You’re an awesome fit for Owen…he LOVES attending each session.
— Jamie & Jason
I saw a nice progression of Emmett’s change of attitude as the sessions continued; he became much easier to reason with when a difficult (or not so difficult) situation arose.
— Family in De Pere, WI
I hope you know how much I appreciate you as a professional and a person. You are seriously amazing… …Your ideas and energy/dedication to implement those ideas to help kids learn about content, and more importantly life, inspires me as an educator. Your actions serve as a reminder to us all why we do what we do.
— Parent in De Pere, WI
Ms. White has a great sense of humor and true desire to help others reach their highest potential.
— Parent in De Pere, WI
Her calm, caring and accepting personality automatically helps any child and parent feel at ease. She is a natural at encouraging children to be their best and accepting of themselves first.
— Parent in De Pere, WI
Betsy White has a special way of interacting with and developing character within each child.
— Parent in De Pere, WI
I feel like my son is just a happier kid since you came into his life.
— Parent in De Pere, WI
I am so glad that we received your letter when we did. I had an appointment scheduled with a therapist, but I cancelled once I spoke to you. I feel that Emmett working with you coupled with your communication and suggestions really helped us effectively deal with his behavior.
— Family in De Pere, WI
Betsy has a rockin’ presence. Whether she’s teaching, coaching, or being part of a team, her positive attitude shines. Her compassionate heart, intelligence and unwavering advocacy for good are a powerful combination that make her an agent for change wherever she goes.
— Deb M.
Our son has learned how to deal with his nervous feelings because of working with you.
— Parent in De Pere, WI
After moving to a new school district my daughter was struggling and barely passing her math class. Betsy began to work with my daughter on a weekly basis identifying the underlying problem and moving on from there. As weeks passed I could see my daughter grow more confident in her schoolwork and her grades went up; it was a great feeling for both of us as well as a relief! Betsy was so caring and focused; my daughter looked forward to her lessons and felt comfortable asking questions (something she didn’t feel in the classroom). In the time they worked together I could see how Betsy made a positive impact on my daughter, becoming more than just a tutor but a friend. She has become a mentor in my daughter’s life by sharing her compassion and knowledge. I can see my daughter striving daily to reach her goals and being able to say she tried her best. Even today my daughter and Betsy remain in touch. I feel blessed my daughter had the opportunity to learn and work with Betsy.
— Stacy
Betsy was always amazing about sharing her passions and personality with her students... She understands the unique qualities of each child and individualizes instruction to help each child reach his/her potential.
— Parent in De Pere, WI
She had an amazing way to connect to her students by really getting to know each child as a person, not just as a student.
— Parent in De Pere, WI
Betsy is an extremely gifted coach and mentor. She was born to work with children! Her years as a teacher and now holistic coach, combined with her ability and passion to see children’s gifts and reconnect kids to them, creates fast, effective and truly lasting change in children. The growing up years are such a pivotal time; allowing them to be positively influenced by Betsy’s support will create lasting changes that will be with them forever. I highly recommend her!
— Cherin Rykaczewski
Pacing has been perfect. I appreciate the amount of information as it was just enough to be able to apply the ideas throughout the week for myself and in the classroom.

I have noticed a big shift (in myself) as a result of the material and conversations. I have seen a shift in the kiddos too as I became more aware and made myself a priority.

These weeks were so worth every minute and I got more from the group than I imagined. I have always know how important it is to make myself a priority but seeing the impact it has made on the kiddos has been so powerful. Thank you for the impact you are making.
— Teacher from Breathing Into the Spirituality of Teaching Group
I read your newsletter and follow you on FaceBook. It is always great to read your perspective!

The emails back and forth really helped calm my nerves. It was nice to have someone to talk to who knows him (my son) and give advice/feedback.
— Parent of a Kinder
She has made excellent progress. She has been visibly happier.

Everything has been great. We have been extremely happy.
— Parents in De Pere, WI