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Betsy White

Holistic Life Coach

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I empower kids to have a voice & feel accepted for who they are.

I empower kids to connect with their soul’s unique purpose, so they can live with confidence, love, happiness and overall positive well-being.


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Intentional Social Media

Living Life Beyond Screens

The reality is that most of us can’t completely disconnect from our phones and the world happening online, but technology shouldn’t stop us from being present with our loved ones.

Here at TLC4Kids, I work to use social media and technology in ways that add value to my life and the lives of my clients and community.

If you’re ready for a refreshing, high vibe online space, I would love to connect with you at the links below.


What my clients are saying….

You were just what we all needed. We always felt like our daughter had so much potential that she wasn’t able to unlock. You taught her to be true to herself and we learned so much that has helped us as parents to support her and guide her and believe in herself again. We have all grown from working with you and we are so grateful we found you.
I found Betsy at a time in my family’s life when we were feeling burnt out and hopeless. Upon first meeting, I immediately knew she was the right fit for my son and for our family. She helped our son immensely with his confidence and self regulation. She completely changed the way I looked at my son’s behaviors and dealt with our struggles. I’m not sure where we’d be now if we hadn’t found her. Betsy has become such a support and friend during our journey.