Being in relation with others is one of the most challenging things we do as humans. We each look at the world through our own lens, which is based on our experiences, the things we’ve been taught and our unique takeaways from each of those. Children very quickly learn unhealthy ways to deal with their own insecurities and judgments of themselves and often project this onto others. This is at the root of most bullying I believe. It takes a lot of life lessons to begin to realize how our reality is formed by our inner thoughts. How we can choose to look at situations and don’t need to give our power to others. That the more we love ourselves and treat ourselves with kindness, the more that is mirrored to us through others’ behavior.

Where do kids learn these skills today? If your child is part of a group of kids working towards a common goal, reach out to learn ways I can customize a group or workshop to intentionally teach skills that will help them be more successful as individuals and as a group! These are skills kids need in today’s world more than ever. Team building at it’s finest! Whether this is a community, school or sporting group ~ I can design an experience that will empower kids to be their best self and learn ways to lift others to do the same! When a group of kids are doing this, I believe they are unstoppable!

Life Coaching can help support kids in many ways!

For kids to live to their unique potential, they first need to learn key skills in order to navigate all that life throws at them. Sometimes hearing similar messages from multiple people can make all the difference!

I believe in order to support kids overall well being, they first need to know who they are! They also need to help navigate the many thoughts and feelings that creep up when kids are in groups. Group dynamics stir up a lot of many kiddos! The reality is many kids struggle to define themselves. Then they get thrown into groups where they are suppose to work together. That is big stuff!! Supporting kids on that journey is my goal.

Would your group, team, or students benefit from this program?

This is for you if:
You are a parent of a child involved in a scouting troop, sports team or acting club.
You are a teacher in a classroom.
You are a coach of a sports team.
You are a principal of a school.
You are a teacher at a learning or daycare center.

These groups are tailored to meet the specific goals you are searching for! Here is a list of possibilities. This is definitely not an all inclusive list but just to get the wheels turning...

  • more respect and kindness among one another

  • more supportive of each other

  • more of a team atmosphere

  • a stronger culture of learning

  • happier kids

  • less conflict and more acceptance

  • stronger communication skills

  • more confidence

  • more responsibility


We will meet to discuss your goals and needs at an exploration session. At this time, I will tune in to the themes, current struggles, dynamics that have been established, particular areas of concern. I will then brainstorm ideas and possibilities. Whether this is a one time group, an ongoing group, a workshop, where we meet and length of time are all decisions made at the exploration session! These are truly customized opportunities to further support your efforts with kids.

If you are looking to work together to support a group of kids, please complete the Exploration Session Form below! This is a short form which lets me know you are ready to explore working together with me in supporting your group of children!

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