Perfect for Teachers, Daycare Providers, Special Education Aides, & Home School Parents

Parenting is the toughest job on the planet, I believe. But teaching might be pretty close! And for those special people who have their own children at home, plus a bonus 10-30 other children during the school year, you deserve all the love and support possible. Unfortunately in our society as it currently is, you don’t get enough of either. Sure you may have supportive co-workers or a boss who gets it, but I believe there is more that can help you transform from a run-ragged teacher to someone who thrives doing what s/he loves!

When doing what you love becomes less patience, less time with your own family, fewer smiles, lack of joy, less energy and the dread of another day, there is another way!! I believe just as kids are disempowered, I believe too often teachers feel disempowered. Too often those who have the biggest hearts, put their own needs at the bottom of the barrel ~ if in the barrel at all! Gifting yourself customized life coaching can help you get back to BEing the best version of yourself, someone who can give from a full cup because you know how amazing you are and live from that place!

If you, your team, your grade level or your school’s staff are looking for ways to get back to living your passion with a full heart, reach out to learn ways we can work to make that happen!

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