There are times we just know something is “off” with our child or family. Traditionally we’ve thought something is broken that we need to fix. I believe when we feel something is off, nothing has to be broken. Nothing needs fixing. But there are relationships that are not working as well as they could be.

Sometimes this is a child’s relationship with themselves that isn’t working. It can look like: acting out, anger, anxiety, inattentiveness, feeling alone, lacking confidence, perfectionism, insecurity, questioning their purpose or who they really are, unwillingness to try new things, self harm, self sabotaging, confusion about their identity.

Sometimes the relationship between family members is experiencing tension and this can look like: sibling fights, anger, isolating behaviors, withdrawal, name calling, threats, lying, withholding the truth, lack of trust, expectations that stifle and smother, lack of respect, entitlement, numbing feelings, broken promises.

Sometimes the relationship with peers or other adults is a struggle. This can look like: poor friend choices, bullying, lack of friends, peer pressure (drugs, juuling, drinking), unhealthy relationships, giving oneself up to belong or fit in, breaking/disregard for rules, unwillingness to give effort.

In each of these scenarios, I believe the way to finding happiness and peace again is working together with kids and families in order to bridge the gaps that have been created. My customized, private programs are the place where this work begins!

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