Betsy White
The Life Coach 4 Kids

Empowered ★ Confident ★ Connected


They say wisdom is knowing who you are.

As I continue my personal journey of discovering who I am and my connection to something greater, I find myself growing more deeply grateful for the feeling that I am where I'm meant to be, doing what I am meant to do. I am not simply following my passion, but I am living my mission. Day by day. I focus on really walking my talk! There is a direct connection between what I say and how I choose to live my life. As I continue to evolve and grow, I lovingly accept myself in all of my imperfect perfection!

I have a profound belief in the path I've been on, knowing that each experience has helped shape me into the person I am becoming. That means I believe every person and encounter, every struggle and pain, has been part of a bigger plan. These are a few experiences that I know impact who I am and how deeply I can connect with kids, parents, teachers, as well as friends and family. Sexual abuse, alcoholic parents and family members, strict religious upbringing, physical illnesses, surgeries (including perhaps a needless hysterectomy), limiting broken systems, unhealthy family dynamics, being gay in a Catholic family & schools, broken relationships, pain of losing loved family members and both parents, my business burning down. None of these is by accident. Every sleepless night. Every good and scary dream. Everything that seemingly worked out and those that may be labeled as failures. These are a part of my journey and although many of these experiences left me feeling alone, scared, raw and searching for answers, they also led me on a path of self discovery that has been extremely rich and deep.

I have an unshakeable knowing that helping kids be free of negative self talk & criticism, so they can see themselves as divinely imperfect and feel they have a voice, is at the core of my calling.

I have trust and faith in my ability to listen with clarity and unbiased, all judgment aside, with a huge amount of compassion, empathy and love. I embrace more deeply with each child and family I meet, my willingness to allow my intuition to guide me. That I don't need to have the answers, rather I can trust in the process and unfolding of all that needs to come for each kiddo and family, teacher and classroom. I am deeply committed to to the belief that every child has their unique purpose and each family is blessed with the exact combination of personalities they need in order for each member to follow their soul's journey.

In my career as a teacher and especially now as a holistic life coach, I never see myself as the all knowing giver of information. Rather I am a guide, a role model, a listener, a facilitator of self discovery, an encourager, a mentor, a learner, a cheerleader (minus the skirt!), a spark for inner joy, inner knowing & self love, an appreciator of uniqueness and diversity, a challenger of self doubt, self criticism, judgment and expectations. I thrive in the environment I've created free of politics, limitations, restrictions, expectations, labels, unhealthy competition and conformity.

I have the freedom and flexibility to meet kids' and families where they are!

I help free kids, parents and teachers of their self limiting beliefs. I guide kids in recognizing their unique inner strengths and to let go of the belief that their differences are limitations. I aim to connect siblings and empower them to see the gifts in their differences and find the often hidden similarities that can support each of their journeys. I build bridges and narrow gaps between the generational, experiential and spiritual journeys of parents and their children. I find common ground to begin forming a stronger foundation built on acceptance, compassion, empathy, love and understanding. I encourage and teach mindfulness, not just as a rote act of silence, but rather a deep inner state of BEing in each moment. I help quiet the busy-ness and noise of a fast-paced, competitive, technology-driven world. I empower kids to be guided by their own innate, natural, inner GPS & intuition. In doing this, I free parents and teachers of the belief their job is to keep kids free from boredom, tough situations, mistakes, pains, trials and tribulations, hurts and sadness. I encourage getting more in touch with feelings and our body, so there is less numbing, avoidance, projection, denial, stuffing of the "tough stuff", in order to allow the journey of true growth and healing to begin.


I believe empowered, confident and connected kids who make mistakes will always find their way.

That the present moment can bring peace more than anything else in the world.

That time and undivided attention is a gift for kids greater than any "thing" we can purchase or experience.

That kids need us to listen, more than they need us to lecture.

That every person - regardless of age - wants (and deserves) to be seen, heard and know that they matter.


A bit more about me as a person…..

I am the proud mom of a Yorkie Poo, Rylie. We're an inseparable team, deeply connected and I feel blessed with all of the growth that has come as a result of opening my heart to his presence in my life. In helping him beat cancer, I have found a deep sense of inner truth and knowing that has been profound for me. I love being outdoors enjoying activities like biking, kayaking, walking, hiking, horseback riding and xc skiing. Being in the woods at any number of parks is where I most feel at peace and connected to myself. I am seldom found doing any of those activities without Rylie by my side (or on my back)! I love traveling, just like my parents did! ❤ Road trips are particularly exciting as I love driving and exploring little country back roads, finding "hidden treasures" and wandering aimlessly to see what I can find! Reading allows me to not only expand my world and continue learning, but also gives me insights into various writing styles. I am a writer and becoming a published author is definitely part of my journey. Relationships with friends and family are important to me and a source of much growth, insight, vulnerability and willingness to be completely authentic. I have found this area of my life change and evolve greatly as I've learned to become more secure with who I am, value myself more deeply and commit to honoring who I am to the best of my ability. I am courageous in my willingness to stay true to me, while keeping my intention loving and open. I am a seeker of true connection and depth, authenticity and most of all love that is grounded in kindness, realness and truth.